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The Advantages of Using Propane

The Advantage of Using Propane

Have you ever wondered what the advantages of using propane vs others are? It is always important to gain as much information as you can about the products you use in your daily life. Running on propane is sensible, whether if used for your farm, equipment, business, or home. It just makes sense; both from an environmental and economic standpoint. The Department of Energy states it can cost you as much as twice as much to operate your water heater, dryer, furnace, or range by not using propane, but electricity in its place.

It is not only the more economical choice, but propane is also friendly for the environment! Prior to their being an awareness of “going green” or “global warming” that now buzzes around everywhere, propane already was already a contender in clean energy– being that propane happens to be, of all energy sources, the cleanest burning of them all. In 1990, the Clean Air Act approved propane as a clean alternative fuel. Propane does not put the environment in danger. Now, upwards of around 60 million Americans now rely on this exceptional and leading energy source for reliability, comfort, and of course, savings–everyday savings! If you have propane and experience power outages, you will not have to be worried about cooking, standing under frigid water while you shower, or staying warm. You can rest assured knowing that you will be smiling comfortably until you wait for the electricity to return.

Propane is an economical choice. The United States Department of Energy, states that by using propane, you can save approximately fifty percent annually to use electric dryers for clothes, and you can also save approximately thirty percent annually if you choose to heat your water with propane instead of electricity. On average, propane allows to you reheat an entire tankful of water in a mere 20 minutes, whereas, using electricity would take about an hour or so. Propane can also save you some money when you do a comparison on a BTU basis. With a consistently running one hundred fifteen degrees Fahrenheit air supply, propane affords you more comfort and consistency! Electric heat pumps, however, deliver slightly warmer air– warmer than your body temperature.

Some more alluring facts about propane are over ninety percent of all propane used in America is made here at home– USA made! This highly reduces our dependency on foreign oil. It is readily available. Propane is both convenient and portable. It is an energy source that can be used pretty much anywhere you can imagine– from the city to the country. Its longevity and ware is unsurpassed lasting an average of two decades, while their counterpart, electricity, last an average of only about fourteen years. In addition, it costs you less money to repair propane furnaces than it does to repair an electric heat pump.

After reading the many benefits (and that is not even naming them all), I am sure you may be wondering how you can switch from the costlier and less effective electricity, to propane. Look no further for propane service Monticello, AR. Here at Southern LP Gas, we can help you make the change and begin to save! We are your trusted propane service company in Arkansas and parts of Louisiana!