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The Incredible Advantages of Propane for Your Home

Space heating makes up the largest chunk of your utility bill, reports the U.S. Department of Energy. American homes using fuel oil or electricity have the highest heating costs. Natural gas is slightly more affordable but not as energy-efficient as propane.

Liquefied petroleum gas, or propane, has emerged as a cost-effective alternative to electricity. It’s suitable for space and water heating, as well as for cooking. Compared to other fuel sources, it offers better value for the money and has a lower carbon footprint.

Some of the key advantages of propane include reduced energy costs, increased safety, and versatility. Additionally, the 1990 Clean Air Act encourages the use of alternative fuels, such as propane, as they are biodegradable and cleaner than gasoline or diesel.

Interested to find out more? Here’s what you should know about propane heating systems and their benefits for your home.

Clean and Green

According to the Clean Air Act, propane and other alternative fuels help reduce CO2 emissions and protect the environment. Generally, these fuels are produced domestically, which can further lower your carbon footprint.

Furthermore, propane has no toxic effects and doesn’t contaminate the water and soil as it happens with other fuels. If you’re interested in maintaining an eco-friendly home, look no further.

Increased Heating Efficiency

The heat equivalent of one cubic foot of propane is 2,500 BTU. By comparison, the heat produced by the same amount of natural gas is 1,050 BTU. Therefore, you need less propane to heat your home than you’d need when using natural gas.

This compound has more than double the heating efficiency of other fuel sources. Using newer equipment and appliances can further increase its efficiency. If you have a large tank, you can simply arrange for propane delivery at regular intervals.

Easy to Use and Store

Since this fuel comes in a tank, you can place it anywhere in your home. It’s ideal for those living in remote areas and doesn’t require access to electricity and other power sources.

Southern LP Gas can deliver propane gas right to your doorstep. If you don’t have a propane tank, you can rent it from us. Our team will check it regularly and provide full maintenance, from repair and replacement to painting.

Ideal in Case of an Emergency

Power outages are common and tend to occur when you least expect it. Propane gas, on the other hand, is readily available and can power everything, from BBQ grills to fireplaces. Your only job is to keep the tank filled and well-maintained.

Many homeowners actually use both electricity and propane. If that’s your case, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that you can rely on your propane heating system in the event of an emergency.

Strong Safety Record

As mentioned earlier, propane is non-toxic. Therefore, it’s safe not just for the environment but for your home too.

This compound has the lowest flammability range of all fuel sources. Plus, it’s very low in sulfur and contains no lead.

Discover the Many Advantages of Propane

Now that you know more about the advantages of propane, go ahead and take the step needed to use it in your home. Compared to other fuel sources, it maintains the warmth longer and has lower costs. On top of that, it’s good for the environment and readily available.

So, are you ready to make the switch? Southern LP Gas offers propane delivery services and propane equipment in Louisiana and Arizona. Reach out to us today to discuss your needs and see how we can help!