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Propane Advantages

Propane - Nature's Energy. Avoid Overpaying to Heat Your Home; Go With Propane! Southern LP Gas is the Authority in Propane Gas Supply and Equipment Sales, Installation and Maintenance!A propane appliance can cost significantly less to operate than an equivalent electric appliance. Propane is basically used in its natural form. It takes very little energy to separate and refine propane. It is easily transported and transferred in concentrated liquid form, without losing its power and efficiency. Propane appliances keep you warm even when the power goes out. Propane is green and it’s the fuel of the future, as it doesn’t impact the environment as much as electricity generation.

Electricity, on the other hand, costs way more than propane to generate and it’s tough on the environment. To generate electricity, about 70% of the original energy in fossil fuels is lost at the generating plant. Another 2% is lost in transmitting it on cables and wires to your home. The cost of generating electricity is transferred to the final customer.

“Avoid Overpaying to Heat Your Home; Go With Propane!”